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Skinny Puppy Bills US Government

By B.duQuesnay April 3rd, 2014

Well know Canadian industrial band, Skinny Puppy is suing the US government for use of the loud industrial band’s music for torture in Guantanamo prisons and detention camps.
“Among more serious methods such as waterboarding, which was classified as torture by United Nations special rapporteur on torture, Juan Mendez, in 2010 – it has also been reported that the US military has been blasting other loud bands into the cells of detainees – including Metallica, Nine Inch Nails – but also Queen and Sesame Street.” – via RT News
During a recent interview with the alternative media outlet RT News on the show ‘Breaking the Set’, host Andrea Martin interviews the band’s lead singer on his motivation for this bold move. The band’s long time lead singer Nivek Ogre explains his actions and reactions to the use of the bands music as a weapon of torture, hence the band’s latest album, simply and aptly named ‘Weapon’. Kudos to Skinny Puppy!

Written by B.duQuensay 

May 23 '16

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