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Drake takes $300,000 of Ontario taxpayers festival grant money

Posted: March 22, 2014  

Written by B.duQuesnay

Ontario residents are footing $300,000 of tax money normally used for public festivals under the Celebrate Ontario grants to be used to pay for Canadian Rap artist Drake’s 5th Annual OVO Fest show tells a report from CBC and Global News in Canada. The Drake OVO Fest is to be held at the Molson Canadian Amphitheater and schedualed for August 3rd and 4th of 2014.

Drake’s OVO FEST

The money normally allocated for use of public festivals to attract tourists and give local artists exposure now finds it way to fund this paid event where attendees will pay from $66.50 CDN for an individual day pass to anywhere upwards to the amount of #347.50 for two day passes.

“Celebrate Ontario grants are intended to help festivals and events “enhance programs, activities and services that will lead to long-term improvements.” -via Drake’s OVO FEST scores $300,000 from Ontario taxpayers | Globalnews.ca.

With may festivals underfunded and unfunded in Ontario an artist of this stature should not have been permited for private paid shows. Drake has aready made millions and stands to profit from the venture.

Drake grabs tax dollars for show.

This years budget has put the Beaches Jazz Festival in jeapardy that has been a regular staple in the list of  Toronto’s annual public festivals that is said to bring millions of dollars to the local economy.

“The free 10-day festival generates millions for the local economy…

“This is the largest jazz festival by far in the whole province. This festival generates $65 million into the Toronto economy and over $30 million of that right in the Beach area,” Beaches-East York MPP Michael Prue said in a statement” –  CitiyNews.ca [Story Link]


Canadian PM Katherine Wynne poorly offered that funds will be found from other grants to compenstate for the funding of other festivals. But due to media attention the Province with be taking a second look at the funding for the city of Toronto’s beloved but endangered annual Beaches Jazz Festival.

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